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Yuki is the Rat of the zodiac. He is known as "The Prince" at school and he's very pretty and refined. Yuki has many admirers at school, some say half of the student body, but has a hard time being social; he wishes that he could be friends with other people, rather than being admired and praised from afar.

Yuki has suffered a traumatic childhood at the hands of Akito, the head of the Sohma clan. Akito locked him up and mentally tortured him. In effect, Yuki has a somewhat low sense of worth and a claustrophobic fear. With Tohru's help, however, Yuki is gradually able to loosen up.

Yuki's fangirls hate it when Yuki gets closer to Tohru, and use harassment to try to drive her away. They claim they are trying to "protect" Yuki from Tohru, but the truth is, they are merely bombarding him with one-sided love and adoration; Tohru's the one protecting Yuki. It was revealed that Yuki was the one who saved Tohru and brought her back to her mother when she was young and had gotten lost; Tohru has never forgotten that memory and keeps the hat (which actually belongs to Kyo) that Yuki gave to her. For that, Yuki always has a deep respect and love for Tohru for actually "needing" him.

Generally quiet and polite, Yuki is an amazing martial artist who enjoys gardening. He has a garden in a small patch of forest near the walkway leading to Shigure's house which he and Tohru call their "secret base".


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The Blog of Yuki Sohma...

Friday, February 15, 2013


I think we did a pretty good job yesterday. I'm fairly surprised that Kyo made such a refined suggestion. When I asked if Honda-san really had a good time at the planetarium, it made me happy to see her happy. At first, I was unsure if our plan was going to work, because it seemed as if Honda-san was bored. I know Honda-san is really polite and all, I'm relieved that Honda-san said she honestly enjoyed the treat last night. Kyo certainly enjoyed the stargazing in the planetarium. Cat like to watch objects twinkle. And afterwards, we're having the movie marathon tonight. Honda-san is in charge of the picking up the movies. That reminds me, the marathon's about to start.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

your day is marked

I wonder how Honda-san thinks of me after I told her that I never watched a movie in a cinema by myself? It's not unusual. I mean despite that it's already sad enough to go by myself, I can't really go because of the curse. But among the cursed Sohmas, is there someone I know who hasn't watched in the cinema at all? I know someone in my class who doesn't know what shrimp tastes like, because he's never eaten a shrimp before; he's allergic. But for him, it's not really unusual. Even though he was asking me as what shrimp tastes like. You know what, I don't know how to describe it to him.

What prompted me into telling Honda-san about me going to the movies? I could say Kyo's partly to blame for it. Yeah. He kinda is. It was his turn in picking the titles for the movie marathon yesterday. He was so fired up last night too. So Honda-san and I were in the grocery buying food for tonight's movie marathon. And while we were browsing in the grocery, Honda-san kinda' blurted out that it would be nice to watch movies in the mall.

"I do believe that's nice, Honda-san." I said.

"Eh?" She looked at me with a confused look. "Going to the movies? Did I say that out loud?"

"But you know, I haven't watched a movie in the cinema before. I never had the experience." I said.

"Oh." I noticed Honda-san look down. I felt like she was uncomfortable or she thought she might've said something offensive.

"However, will you give me the honor of asking you out to watch a movie in the mall sometime, Honda-san?" I asked.

Then she dropped a pack of microwave popcorn. "H-h-ho-ho-honor? S-S-Sohma-kun-- that-- that's too much! I'm a-- ano..." She made me laugh a bit. "But of course. I'd be happy too. Whenever you want, we can watch a movie in the mall."

I am cursed after all. I couldn't do something as simple as watching the movies in the theater with friends.

Back at home. Kyo made a deal with me that anyone who sleeps during the marathon would pay a penalty. He's stupid. But even if I would say no, he'd just apply the penalty anyway. I wouldn't be sleeping in -- I thought -- so I said yes. But I guess he's going to find out why it's stupid later.

That's because Honda-san slept before the last movie. He didn't discuss this penalty with her. I didn't want to wake her up, because I think she's very tired and she might have work today. And I thought she's exempted from the penalty. Still, even though I wanted to stop Kyo, he grabbed the marker and drew on Honda-san's face. Kyo had his fun. But I'm marking his face someday.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

It's the end of September already?

The leaves are turning. Time skipped on me that it's already the end of September. I guess it's time to wake up. We're on our way to the end of year again -- not to mention the arrival of Christmas -- it's going to be a busy time of the year.

Kyo gave me an idea what I could do or try out in life. Maybe I should give traveling a chance. I don't want to admit it, but it's pretty impressive that Kyo was able to pull it off. I haven't asked about how it went yet, but it looked like he was exhausted by the time he came back. Shouldn't he be feeling refreshed instead?

It's a little different if I were to go traveling. I don't know where I'm going and don't forget that I'm a cursed Sohma. Come to think of it, did Kyo ever run into trouble during his travel? How exactly did he do it? To be frank, Kyo doesn't look any normal guy. He has his own fanbase in school. But maybe he really might have enjoyed a long time of being ignored.

Will I get the same treatment in public? Sigh. I feel very conceited.

My life's has become really quiet. It's almost too good to be true. I'm used to getting all sort of noise and I get disturbed all the time that I feel uneasy from this peaceful life. It's been peaceful for the past number of weeks. There's something going on. Speaking of quiet, Akito is still not talking. It's official that the cause is psychological. But until now, we don't know the exact reason why Akito stopped talking.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

childhood bridge?

I find it odd that I wouldn't know how to answer a little girl's question when it's very simple. Kisa-chan asked me what cartoons I watched when I was little. You know what, I couldn't name any. Either I couldn't remember one or I just didn't really watch any cartoons back in the day. Sad story of my life. Maybe it's why I'm boring and awkward to be with.

Why is it that I'm not able to name a cartoon? I couldn't give up on this question and I pondered on it last night. I'm sure I've followed at least one cartoon when I was a kid.

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Saturday, July 07, 2012

some news, huh?

It's news to me too; Akito isn't talking. I don't really know what to say or what to think. And we heard from Hatori that Akito stopped talking ever since the start of the year. That long? About seven months long. But I'm still not worried. Not really.

I have a feeling that people are going to ask me a lot of questions. They're going to ask me what could be Akito's reasons why she stopped decided to mute herself. I wouldn't know what to say. I mean, what can I say? Everybody's different. I'm sure Akito has her own reason for being stubborn.

We're already past the half of the year. If Akito would never speak to anyone, what would I do? What would I feel? Should I feel happy? Sad? Irritated? Sorry? Hatori says that it's not health related. Akito not saying a word is related to her thinking. It might be psychological. Or perhaps there's something else. I also heard from Kureno-san that Akito just suddenly collapsed, and then when she woke up, that's the time she stopped talking. Akito simply stares at people. But I still fold my arms thinking why they decided to share this news to us just now.

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